How to Cultivate A Life Filled with Flowers

“Summertime is always the best of what might be.”

Charles Bowden

It’s summer, and we’re feeling rosy, cozy, and all things sunshine. But not the regular, it’s-sunny-outside giddiness. This is heartfelt, fragrant, and rooted in the art of the bloom. It has a shade to it: a warm, golden, optimistic hue that invites us to embrace the new season with a fresh appreciation for all things earthy. Full speed ahead in inspiration mode, we are tapping into cultivating a life with flowers

As the sun starts to rise earlier and daylight increases, there is plenty of time to spend digging in and adding fresh color to your world. We narrowed down our tried and true tips so you may spice up your day-to-day with touches of color, vivacious textures, and classic blooms.

Before we begin, let’s reflect a bit. What do you feel when you think of gardening? A phrase that comes to mind for us is in flow. In tune, in sync. It’s a subtle awareness, a wholeness, a shift. What it means to be aligned and calm. We like to think of the summer season as an excuse for play. Here at Dewar Nurseries, our work requires us to have a close connection to the landscape. Read on for our fresh takes for the new or seasoned gardener, however you choose to get your hands dirty.


As we enter summer, we are welcoming the season of garden roses, lilies, and all the cheerful warm-weather lovers like roses, blueberry bushes, and crape myrtles. It’s the season we anticipate year-round, and gladly take time to revel in its bounty. However, it can be BUSY! Old flowers need snipping, new growth needs pruning, and ripe fruit is ready to be picked.


Few plants in the early summer can rival the sweet, saturated colors of a rose. As the largest rose grower in the USA, we know a thing or two about making them extra vibrant. Whether for yourself, family, or friends, hints of color and floral fragrance are a wonderful gesture for any occasion. In addition to roses, check out our selection of flowers on sale in shades of pink, red, and earth tones. The hydrangeas, perennials, and dahlias are a-plenty. They’re the perfect touch of foliage and pops of color to dress up your summer table. 


Unlike most wholesale nurseries, we produce 100% of the products we sell and transport them all ourselves to guarantee plant quality from start to finish. We’re all about variety, too, and not shy about our wide selection. You’re sure to find something that lasts to wow them (or yourself – because, well, you deserve it!) 

There’s nothing like the profound impact that one bouquet can have on a person. Gifting flowers is easy, thoughtful, and simple, even if it’s just a regular Tuesday. Fill your house with bouquets, fruits, and shrubs all summer long and gift your favorite people the best. Bonus points: they’ll think of you when they see them.


During summer, we have a tendency to forget ourselves. In order to be there for our family, friends, and loved ones, we must tune in to the beat of our own hearts & needs. This summer, we invite you to simmer in and settle down by grounding yourself in the garden. 

Dote over each new bud, breathe in the sweet scents of fresh new growth, and take a walk in nature to be fully present (no headphones allowed). Notice what lights you up. Jot it all down after your return. Make it a habit to tune in, and start each day for you

This warm-weather season, let’s hear it for the flowers and the art of the garden. Keep it slow, simple, and lasting. Let’s invest in moments of beauty, with a healthy dose of thoughtful homegrown gifts that bring you closer to yourself and them. We can’t wait to see what you find this summer. Soon enough, your gardens will be overflowing. 

Happy growing!

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