Flower Carpet® Rose

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Type: Shrub

Flower Carpet® roses are the world’s number one ground cover rose. Once established, some varieties can produce an astonishing display of up to 2,000 flowers from spring through autumn. They’re extraordinarily low maintenance and have exceptional disease resistance. Better still, once established their well-developed root system means they’re drought-tolerant. Plant virtually whenever: for massed plantings, two to three plants per 3 feet; for borders, space them 32″ apart.

Care Instructions

Flower Carpet® roses thrive in most climates and soils but perform best in well-drained crumbly garden soil with added organic matter and when planted in an area that receives full sun. These roses are drought-tolerant but need thorough watering when first planted, then regularly until established during the first season. Pruning is optional: once a year in late winter or early spring. Hardiness zones range from 4-11.